to offer 30 cabins as vacation rentals, maintain fitness center

Point Lookout’s new owners receive no lease proposals

Fri, 11/22/2019 - 11:45am

    NORTHPORT — Despite a concerted effort to find parties to lease Point Lookout, Tami and David Hirschfeld have not received a proposal to do so.

    The Hirschfelds, of Camden and Montana, had been circulating requests for proposals to lease portions of the 387-acre Point Lookout Resort in Northport and keep the restaurant, event facility and gymnasium in operation, as well as 40 of the 106 cabins in the lodging business. The other 66 cabins are being sold and moved off the hillside, the Hirschfelds said in September.

    On the morning of Nov. 22, the Hirschfelds released a statement to employees, and later to the media, to provide an update on the plan to find a viable partner who would rent the facilities at Point Lookout. 

    The project site offered in the request for proposals included 10 three-bedroom cabins, 28 two-bedroom cabins, 2 one-bedroom cabins, the bowling alley, Hedges Hall (with a 6,000 square-foot ballroom), the pavilion (a 10,000 square-foot covered outdoor space), Copper Pine Café and an education center with six classrooms. 

    When announcing the request for proposal, the Hirschfelds noted plans for the fitness center to operate independently, but be open to the public, including guests and tenants. 

    The Hirschfelds spent a substantial amount of money on local, regional and national advertising of the request for proposal, according to the release, but no proposals were received. 

    The request for proposal was directly sent to a dozen interested parties and tours were conducted for seven different parties. The original request for proposal response date was even extended to allow further discussions with interested parties. 

    With no proposals, the family has now decided to offer 30 of the cabins for vacation rentals and keep the fitness center open.

    “We are saddened that the effort did not produce any proposals,” said David Hirschfeld in the press release. “We hoped there would be more interest in the property so that it could continue to operate as a resort.”

    The family will begin advertising for lease of the Copper Pine Café and the bowling alley hall in early December in a final attempt to keep portions of the facility open. 

    In early June, only 10 weeks after announcing the acquisition of Point Lookout, the Hirschfelds announced intentions to shutter the resort by the end of the calendar year, but they scrapped those plans in mid-September and instead launched the leasing idea. 

    “We went through iteration after iteration of preserving the place and jobs,” said David Hirschfeld in a September interview. “We finally came up with leasing and we are excited.”