Antique, vintage, modern and repurposed home decor

Patina opens on Belfast’s Main Street

Mon, 11/10/2014 - 8:15am

    BELFAST—An influx of quirky, individualistic stores opening in the Midcoast this fall has been only too good for the creative economy. Belfast has just gained a new home decor store at 69 Main St. called Patina, which means a surface appearance of something grown beautiful, especially with age or use.

    It is a new arts, accessories and furniture store featuring antique, vintage, modern and re-purposed items, mostly sourced from Maine, with some procured from Connecticut.

    Owned by four partners: Melinda and Jerry Weaver and Todd and Chase Hall, Patina is a feast for the eyes upon first walking in. “We’re all about antiques and uniques,” said Weaver. “We find things that are quality-made and have handmade aspects to them—things that you can’t really find around here.”

    The Weavers have worked in the antique business for 20 years, while the Halls have each worked in retail. Chase Hall has a specialty in re-purposed items as well.

    Patina’s opening day was on Halloween and saw a fairly good crowd. “We haven’t done a lot of social media yet, but there was some good word of mouth and foot traffic that day,” said Melinda Weaver. Soon after they opened, they had to close due to the snow storm. ”We actually made some good sales right before the power went out,” said Jerry Weaver.

    From furniture to jewelry, baskets and large-scale gorgeous pieces like a hidden bar within a giant globe, Patina is more than just a typical antique store. And the owners are not without a sense of humor. One of the more eye-catching pieces in the store is actually not for sale. It’s a life-size cut out of the actor Zac Efron behind the counter. Apparently he helps with sales and presumably listens to customer complaints.

    For more information on the store’s opening day photos and unique items visit their Facebook page.

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