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Oct. 11 Sports Recaps: varsity field hockey

Posted:  Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 9:30pm

There were several sporting events played Wednesday, Oct. 11 involving Midcoast teams at the middle and high school levels. 

Below are stats of those contests as reported to our sports department. 

Stats can be submitted via email to sports@penbaypilot.com

Varsity Field Hockey: Cony 3, Camden Hills 1
(By Lindsey Clement) 

There was a lot of excitement as the Cony game was our Senior Day and last regular game of the season. Cony showed us early on in the game how much offensive speed they had — two of their forwards were explosive in not only getting the ball down the field, but also with getting quick shots off.

Our defensive and midfield were caught off guard with Cony's first goal, but thankfully settled back into their usual strong play.

Despite Cony's speed, our team seemed to have more endurance which allowed us to control the play more.

Capri Buck was able to shut down many of the offensive breakaways from Cony. Her stick skills were well timed and well played — if she knew the opponent was faster, she played smarter to stop them.

Ashlee McIntosh has saved us a lot this season with her recovery speed and positioning; she knows exactly where the threat is in our circle and works hard to get back and cover any unmarked players. Ashlee was faced with continuous double and triple teams, but with good ball control and smart passes she was able to get by Cony's midfield.

Sophia Buck shut down almost every single corner of Cony's, disallowing their shots.These past few games Sophia's play has become smarter and faster, and she's proving to be nuisance to the opponent's offense.

Megan Gordon, our center forward, was a huge asset to us on the field. Megan was able to ignite a lot of our offensive transitions. Megan was able to find the balance between hustling to stop the Cony midfield, and starting the pivotal transition for our offensive play.

Lexi Tinch and Lulu Lydon were both key in our offensive plays. Both have the speed to outrun the any opponent, and they both worked well to get the ball behind the Cony defense. Lulu's positioning and hustle have been phenomenal all season and because of that we're able to play her anywhere on the field. Her quick rebounding skills are unmatched by her teammates, which makes her the perfect cherry picker. The ball came in to the goalie's pads and Lulu was was able to redirect the ball past the goalie.

Jenna Stearns really kept us alive in the game thanks to her aggressive goalie skills. Cony had a lot of scoring opportunities, many of which were scrambles in front of the cage. It's tough for a goalie to defend the cage while there are six or more players, including her own teammates, just a couple feet away trying to push the ball over the line.

Kami Lambert (24:45 left in first half; buzzer-beater in second half) and Julia Renny (6:49 left in first half assisted by Anna Reny) scored for Cony while Lulu Lydon (23:08 left in second half) scored for Camden Hills. 

Camden Hills had three corners, compared to Cony’s seven. Camden Hills had three shots compared to Cony’s 14. Jenna Stearns had 11 saves for the Windjammers while Jessica Lee had two for the Rams.