Letter to the editor: Becca Shaw Glaser

Nathan Davis, Ed Glaser for Rockland City Council

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 7:45pm

I am thrilled that both my friend Nate Davis and my dad, Ed Glaser, are running for the two spots opening on Rockland City Council.

Nate is one of the kindest, most patient and most open people I know, and yet is unafraid to take strong value-driven stands. I have worked alongside him on many initiatives, including supporting re-entry homes, the Diversity Resolution, and the Climate Action Plan.

I’m especially excited about his desire to make Rockland politics more participatory and friendly to the community, which will include being open to a variety of opinions and beliefs that he may not personally share.

I am also delighted that my dad is running for re-election. It’s often odd being the daughter of a Councilor, while also being involved in local politics.

My dad sponsored The Diversity Resolution, the Climate Action Plan, and the single-use plastic bag ban, all of which I supported.

And then there were his votes that I disagreed with. But overall I am very grateful for his dedication to the city. He takes getting back to the people who write to him seriously, and tries to balance the needs and concerns of a broad variety of people in the community.

Both are very approachable if you wish to connect with them before the November 5 election day: eglaser@rocklandmaine.gov, and n.kroms.davis@gmail.com.

Becca Shaw Glaser lives in Rockland