Lincolnville bus routes for Camden Hills Regional High School, 2019-2020

Tue, 08/13/2019 - 9:45pm

LINCOLNVILLE: Times are approximate. Please be at bus stop 10 minutes prior to scheduled time to allow for adjustments.

CHRHS: Lincolnville bus route #1 AM

High St: 655am

Brodis Road: 705am

Heal Rd: 710am

Village: 715am

Sand Hill Rd: 720am

Beach Rd: 725am

Ducktrap Road: 730am

Point Lookout: 735am

Lincolnville Beach: 740am

Arrive at school: 755am


CHRHS: Lincolnville bus route #1 PM

Leave school: 2:50pm

US RT1 Lincolnville: 3:05pm

Ducktrap Road: 3:15pm

Sand Hill: 3:20pm

Beach Rd: 3:25pm

Village: 3:30pm

Heal Rd: 3:35pm

Brodis Rd: 3:40pm

High Street: 3:45pm


CHRHS: Lincolnville bus route #2 AM

Rt 52: 6:40am

Youngtown Road: 6:45am

Slab City Road: 6:55am

Vancycle Road/Belfast Road, turn around: 7:05am

Tuckerbrook Road: 7:10am

Masalin Road: 7:15am

Green Acre Road: 7:20am

Rt52 to Village: 7:25am

Hope Road: 7:30am

Arrive at CHRHS: 745am


CHRHS: Lincolnville bus route #2 PM

Leave school: 2:50pm

Rt 52: 3:05pm

Youngtown Road: 3:10pm

Slab City Road: 3:15pm

Vancycle Road, Belfast Road turn around: 3:20pm

Tuckerbrook Road: 3:25pm

Masalin Road: 3:30pm

Green Acre Road: 3:35pm

Rt 52 to Village: 3:40pm

Hope Road: 3:45pm