Visiting the Midcoast

Lincolnville Beach rises to the top for one Pennsylvania family

Posted:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - 1:15pm
CAMDEN —- Robbie, Wendy, Jenna and Rob Wildman from Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, decided to spend the evening on Tuesday, August 7, with a sunset sail around Camden Harbor. It was to bring the end one most excellent vacation.
We have visited the coast of Maine before," Rob Wildman said. "We visit Newburyport, Mass., and we drive up into Maine every year."
And Lincolnville Beach has been the best part of the trip this time, said Wendy.
"We've been back there a couple of times," she said. "We spent the day there today. The water was warm and you can walk out really far."
Jenna said she liked the hermit crabs.
"You can play with them," she said.
Wendy said her son, Robbie, is 16 and will be a junior in high school this coming fall. He has eaten lobster and blueberries every day for four days. 
"Sometimes twice a day," said Robbie. "The best way to eat a lobster is to just go for it. I've had a lot of lobster rolls, too. As a matter of fact, I had one today, but I can tell you I prefer a whole lobster over a lobster roll."
Jenna, who is going into the eighth grade, decided to go bold and buy a pair of lobster claws to wear on her head.
"I saw someone else wearing them and thought they looked cool," she said. “I always wear a unicorn horn on my head, so I thought this would be cool, too. I plan to wear them after I get home."
Rob works for Celgene Corporation, a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Wendy is a stay-at-home mom and manages the family. She said the perks of the job are amazing. 
The Wildmans left in the morning, August 8, but took with them many fond memories of  time spent in Maine. And they will likely be back.