Letter to the editor: Two important reasons I’m voting to re-elect Owen Casas

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 9:45pm
There are many reasons I’m voting to re-elect Owen Casas for the District 94 member of Maine House of Representatives but there are two reasons that are most important to me that I would like to share.

First, in this environment of die-hard partisan politics where folks pretty much just vote along party lines, Owen works with members of both parties as well as other independents to tackle issues that are important to Mainers, especially, residents of Camden, Islesboro, and Rockport. Many independents ultimately align themselves closely with either Democrats or Republicans but Owen has stayed true to being an independent lawmaker.  In fact, he was instrumental in establishing the independent  caucus.

And, secondly, there is a an amazing spirit of community which he embodies.  He and his wife Marci are involved in almost every aspect of our community – they own a small business, help run the family farm, are active in local schools attended by their three young children, Owen served on the Rockport Select Board, both he and Marci serve on town committees, he is a member the American Legion, and their family still makes time to volunteer countless hours within the community helping out with numerous causes.  Owen cares about and makes a hands-on difference in the lives of his neighbors and he does the same when he represents us in Augusta.

As someone that knows the Casas family well, I can assure you that a vote for Owen Casas is a vote well cast.

Maggie Timmermann lives in Rockport