Letter to the editor: Libraries are hallmarks of respected civilizations since ancient Egyptians

Sun, 10/07/2018 - 7:15pm

During the past several years, the Rockport community has discussed important issues relevant to the need, design, location, and functions of a new library building.  This cooperative effort has resulted in many compromises as we inch towards a consensus.  Voters have an opportunity in November to contribute to this process by voting in support of Question 2 (the bond) and Question 3 (the bridge loan).  Your vote is critical.  Please remember that a recent library ballot question was decided by less than 10 votes. 

The importance of our library is well recognized.  It provides a safe, welcoming space to users that range from mothers with infants to senior citizens.  It offers Internet access, hosts a variety of language and interest group meetings, supports one of the finest inter-library loan programs in the United States, is staffed by gracious and knowledgeable professionals, and affords meaningful volunteer opportunities.   And of course it has a great selection of wonderful books, periodicals, newspapers, and audio materials.  In Rockport, our concept of a library remains strong, but we desperately need a new building.

Libraries have been a hallmark of respected civilizations since the ancient Egyptians.  As towns developed in the United States, the best were characterized by the prevalence of churches, schools, and libraries, as was clearly the case in Rockport.  We ask that you consider continuing this tradition by casting your important ballot in November and voting yes for Question 2 and Question 3.


Marie and Larry Novotney live in Rockport