Letter to the editor: Jayne for Maine, Maine for Jayne

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 3:45pm

I have known Jayne Crosby Giles for well over 20 years. Jayne sat on the governing board of Broadreach Family and Community Services during some of the time that I served as its Executive Director. During that time, I marveled at her skill in navigating strict fiscal issues (as is common with many non-profits), her fair and never flinching support of the staff at Broadreach, and her keen eye on the highest of quality education for children….without breaking the bank! Jayne’s clear vision of early childhood education and its importance in forming a lasting foundation for life’s learning pathways coupled with her common sense, as well as her tenacious hold on what’s right and wrong, helped to guide the agency and make it what it is today. On numerous occasions, Broadreach has been hailed as an agency of the highest caliber by not only the State of Maine, but also the U.S. government. Jayne was a key player in assuring quality services and, thus, played a key role in its recognition. She also served as our banker for part of that time and supported our work by assisting us in times of need.  It is my understanding that after my retirement, Jayne was selected to serve as acting executive director for a short time and continued to work hard to assure agency excellence.

It was an honor to work with Jayne at Broadreach and to stand on the sidelines and watch her perform her other roles within the community and beyond.  Her care and concern for the families of Maine are unrivaled. Without ANY RESERVATION, I endorse Jayne’s candidacy for state senator. I have watched her work closely and know her well. There’s no one better to take over where Senator Mike Thibodeau left off. Certainly, it will be a difficult task to fill his shoes, but Jayne will give it her all and do it well.  She’s smart, fair and just. That’s a very hard combination to beat. In these days of partisan challenges in Augusta and Washington, DC, Jayne is the perfect choice to help begin the healing process. Please join me in supporting Jayne in her bid for state senator. She’s more than earned the right to try.

Ruth H. Southworth, Former Broadreach Family & Community Services Executive Director