Letter to the editor: Jayne Crosby Giles will work hard for us

Sun, 10/07/2018 - 6:45pm

There are many things I admire about Jayne Crosby Giles as she runs for Waldo County’s Senate seat, District 11. I’ve known Jayne as part of the Belfast Rotary Club, where she devotes many hours of service to the club’s projects, in particular, the 100 Fund and as the chair of the Youth Exchange Program.  

I served as the Club President last year and witnessed Jayne willingness to undertake additional responsibilities to ensure that our Youth Exchange Program continued.  This valuable program will
continued due to Jayne’s commitment.

But I’ve known Jayne even longer as a small business banking consultant and through her work with Broadreach Child and Family Services.  Her message is clear and her efforts in Augusta will reflect her family values around education and children, access to healthcare especially for seniors and veterans and supporting small businesses.  

Her experience serving in the House of Representatives for four years will enable her to transition into smoothly into the Senate.  She knows the process of creating legislation and how the State House works.  She will be a tremendous asset for us.

Jayne Crosby Giles will have my vote in November to represent Waldo County in the next Senate.  She will work hard for us ensuring that Maine’s next legislature continues with public policies that support growth, investment and serving the citizens of Waldo County.

Dorothy Havey lives in Lincolnville