Letter to the editor: Jan Dodge works for ‘we the people’

Sun, 10/07/2018 - 7:30pm

At this divisive time in our country, integrity and honesty seem sadly lacking from many politicians and from political discourse.  But here in Waldo County, running to represent District #97, Belfast, Northport and Waldo is a genuine person of grit, dedication and intelligence.  That person is Jan Dodge.

Beginning with the Pprimary and continuing as I write this, Jan has visited over 2,400 homes of folks from all party affiliations, or even no affiliations.  Campaigning on a promise to represent us all to the best of her ability, to listen to concerns and viewpoints from all sides, Jan Dodge is fulfilling her promise to do just that.

Although Jan’s GOP opponent has moved out-of-state and declared that she is no longer running, she has not officially withdrawn.  Knowing this has not altered Jan’s goal to meet as many constituents as possible so that her constituents know her dedication to the role of “public servant.”

Jan Dodge embodies the new breed of citizens from across the country who have stepped up to truly work for “we the people.”  There is no hidden agenda from Jan Dodge – she is us, ready and willing to courageously assume a leadership role that represents the desires and needs of the people of her district.  I am proud to be supporting and voting for Jan Dodge on November 6.


Mj Crowe lives in Belfast