Letter to the editor: Erin Herbig dedicated to finding positive solutions

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 3:30pm

I am urging voters in Waldo County to support Representative Erin Herbig for our Senate District.  I met Erin several months ago when she was visiting small businesses in our District so she could be better informed about how to serve the business community.  I appreciated that she took the time to visit my manufacturing business in Montville.   We discussed important issues such as high costs for health insurance, property tax burden, and attracting a younger workforce to Waldo County.  I felt she wholeheartedly listened to my concerns.

Since Erin’s visit, I am volunteering for her campaign because I believe Erin is sincere about representing all people of our District.  Her eight years as the State House Majority leader has taught her to work across the political divide.  Erin is dedicated to finding positive solutions and will make a difference for Waldo County.  Please join me and vote for Erin Herbig in November.  

Cathy Roberts lives in Montville