Letter to the editor: Bill Pluecker understands our property tax concerns

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 10:00pm

Many of us in our community are concerned about the ever increasing burden of property taxes on homeowners and renters.  For example, education funding makes up about 80% of each town’s property tax – a rising result of the State’s having cut its share of local education funding by more than $500 million since 2010. Statewide, this is $1.3 billion short of meeting the 55 percent school funding level approved by Maine voters 10 years ago! Local property taxes property have increased as a result.

In addition, we need to bring back property tax relief programs that have been eliminated. In 2013, the Administration and legislature eliminated the successful Circuit Breaker program that provided partial property-tax refunds to low income families. It was replaced with a less generous Property Tax Fairness Credit. Getting back to the level of support provided by the Circuit Breaker would help us keep our homes regardless of downturns in the economy, our personal circumstances, or retirement.  

Bill Pluecker understands our property tax concerns and is committed to finding ways –  and allies –  in the Maine Legislature to reduce the pressure on local taxes. Please join me in voting for Bill Pluecker for House District 95. 


Ellie Goldberg lives in Hope