Letter to the editor: Friends of Rockport Public Library

Let’s build Rockport’s new library

Tue, 10/09/2018 - 9:00pm

Next month Rockport residents will vote on whether to build a new library. After years of effort, dozens of committee meetings and thousands of hours of discussion, a plan has emerged that will meet the community’s needs now and for the foreseeable future. We enthusiastically support this plan.

Some may be disappointed that the building will not be at the former RES site, or may think that it’s too small, or too large. Others are happy with the location, but would prefer a more traditional New England colonial façade. Of course, what matters most isn’t which side of town the building is on, the exact square footage, or whether the exterior is brick or clapboard. What matters is what happens within those walls.

Public libraries are one of the few places where people of every age, background, economic status and political affiliation can find common ground. It’s so much more than a place to borrow books (although through inter-library loan, you can borrow almost any book from any library in the state). The library offers free programs, a space to gather and learn, resources to pursue any interest, and a dedicated staff to help navigate it all—there truly is something for everyone.

Rockport can’t afford not to build a new library.  It’s an investment in our community’s infrastructure, its residents, and its future. Please vote “yes” on questions 2 and 3: Let’s Build It!

Board members of the Friends of Rockport Public Library: Betsy Elwin, Ann Filley, Kathleen Meil, Pat Messler and Nelda McClellan