Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 11/28/2023 - 11:00am

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Nov. 20-24.     


    Gustaf R W McIlhenny to Gustaf R W McIlhenny Maine Realty Trust.

    Lisa A. Davis to Charles A. Russ and Teresa A. Russ.

    Harley R. Deane and Kristy L. Deane to Jo Audra Martin.

    Lisa S. Davis to Christopher A. Bennett and Amy D. Irish.


    Christopher H. King and Cecilia A. King to Christopher and Cecilia King Living Trust.

    Daniel J. Janssen Jr., Daniel J. Janssen and Angela W. Janssen Trust Dated April 21, 2014, and Angela W. Janssen Tr. to Joanne S. Baumrind.


    Daniel C. Shannon Est. to Marcia Lloyd Shannon.

    Jacqueline E. Fetteroli to Edward Leroy Fetteroli Est.

    Owls Head

    Cindy Pillin and Faith M. Reed to Kevin Blackwell.

    Ruby L. Pinders and Ruby Pinders to Ruby L. Pinders, Brian Berry, and Renee Phelps.


    Robert M. Graham Jr. to Tony L. Randall and Michelle L. Randall.

    Lionel Raye and Ava Skette to Jeffery Harrop.

    Elliot P. Lowe to Pleasant Street Hill LLC.

    Barbara Sue Cox Est. to Dylan Cummings and Keri Cummings.

    Elizabeth Susan Tracy Est. to Christine Ballado and Alexander Ballado.

    Christine M. Mabey and Paul H. Mabey to Ann Hughey.


    Judith Preble Miller to Joel D. Lee Tr, Judith Preble Miller Tr., and Judith P. Miller Trust.

    St. George

    Alfred J. Dussi and Jeannine Dussi to Alfred J. Dussi 2023 Trust, Alfred J. Dussi Tr., Jeannine Dussi Tr., and Jeannine Dussi 2023 Trust.

    Norma J. Rackliff Est. to Elaine Ruth Taylor.

    Norma J. Rackliff Est. to Elaine Ruth Taylor and Sandra E. Vose.

    Travis S. Nelson and Lynn M. Nelson to Isaac Poe and Rosamund Davis.

    Madeleine Kirchberger to Madeleine A. Kirchberger Tr. and M A Kirchberger Revocable Living Trust.


    Emily Maniscalco and Emily Maniscaleo to Jason Sutter and Ashley Sutter.


    Sonya M. Willis to Nelson Mark Tolman II.

    Sonya M. Willis to James H. Murphy Jr.

    Kurt Juszczyk to Nancy Muscik Corey and David Corey.


    Mortgage Assets Management LLC and PHH Mortgage Corporation Atty. to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB11.

    Leland E. Boggs II to J and L Housing LLC.

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