Knox County deed transfers

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 2:45pm

ROCKLANDThe following deed transfers were recorded from May 18-22 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Elizabeth Kay Gibson to Georges River Land Trust.

Stanley R. Clark to Michael T. Clark.


Terrance B. Monahan to William K. Thorndike and Marthee S. Thorndike.

Walter J. Lamont Jr., Avary Otis, and Avary Lamont to Wiley R. Todd.


Michael E. Gaffney and Gloria N. Gaffney to Sarah G. Cotton and Samuel L. Cotton.


Spencer Penn to Donald E. McMahan Sr.

Ainslee A. Pine to Ainslee A. Pine and James A. York.

Matthew A. Vokey to JEP Resources 2 LLC.

Nicole N. Gogan to Patrick A. Chamberlin and Leah A. Nickerson.


Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Alma Shevenell.

Richard B. Porter Estate to Terri Foreman.

Marsha G. Mongell Tr and Galgano Family Trust to Robert M. Hall and Debra J. Hall.

Mary Catherine Heddericg and Mary Catherine Ingraham to John H. Gass and Kathleen E. Gass.

St. George

George C. Hall and Sons Inc. to Anne E. Cogger.

David Allan Williams and David Allen Williams to Tess Haskell

Judith A. Carty Estate to Sea Paws Cottage Inc.

South Thomaston

Raynold F. Brooks and Jean O. Brooks to Christina M. Rackliff.


John S. Sprowl Jr to Christopher T. Heine.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kenneth J. Rolfe and Tammy L. Rolfe.

Jeffrey M. Hawes and Katherine D. Hawes to David Longchamps and Laurie Longchamps.


Jared J. Palmer and Lynn J. Frazier to Nathanael Scott Tilton.

Bucky Farrar to Jetmax LLC.

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