Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 04/14/2020 - 3:45pm

ROCKLANDThe following deed transfers were recorded from March 30-April 3 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Raymond Wallace Watson III Estate and Cameron B. Watson Estate to Charles Howard and Gail Howard.


Janet L. Kooyenga to Colin M. Samuels and Michelle L. Cafferty.

Kenneth A. Robak to Isabelle Babette Troadec, David H. Knox Jr and Caroline R. Schacht.

Theo J. Berez and David P. Berez to Gideon G. Bok and Meghan D. Brady.

Mountain Arrow LLC to Robert G. Wolff and Gretchen A. Wolff.

Stephen J. Melchiskey to Aaron R. Meil and Kathleen E. Meil.


Courtney D. Young to Alan Chamberlin and Esther Chamberlin.


Aimee Moffitt-Mercer to Ethan A. Hall and Melissa L. Hall.


Timothy W. Douglas to Carmen A. Douglas.

Trina Kuykendall and Sandy Roberts to Trina Kuykendall.

Robert M. Wiggin to Wiggins Meat Market LLC.


Vernon B. Hunter to Vernon B. Hunter and Christopher W. Hunter.

Maurice E. Moroze to Kathryn Matlack.

Town of Rockport to Thomas Moore.

Town of Rockport to John Hildings.

Town of Rockport to Sherri Simmons.

Town of Rockport to Clayton Gott and Pilar Gott.

Town of Rockport to Stephanie Dunning.

Town of Rockport to Sarah C. Vokey Tr. and Sarah C. Vokey Living Trust.

Michael Margolis to John R. Dehn.

John R. Dehn to John R. Dehn and Toni Dehn.

Lea Anne Dunton Revocable Trust and Lea Anne Dunton Tr. to Gary C. Dunton and Gary C. Dunton Revocable Trust.

St. George

Deanna Z. Smith and Deanna A. Riggins to John D. Doherty.

Holly J. Carlson Tr. and Richard A. Carlson Living Trust to Long Cove Lobster LLC.

Lynn P. Vermeulen and Richard D. Vermeulen to Ronalee B. Trogner and John S. Trogner.


Linwood L. Moody and June O. Moody to John D. Clark and Judith Y. Clark.

Stanley Klein and Camilla Gray to Kathryn Lou McCollister and John Baxter McCollister.


Gregory J. Gardiner and Dorothy K. Gardiner to Jeremy W. Flint and Sarah P. Flint.


Maine Coast Heritage Trust to Vinalhaven Land Trust.

Emily B. Lane to Christopher S. Williams and Christopher R. Lane.


Carl B. Erickson Jr. to Angelyn Olson and York Irrevocable Realty Trust.

Andrea G. Bonnettee to Todd B. Caverly and Angela M. Caverly.

Calvin R. Morin and Michele D. Morin to Micah Morin.

Macadeka LLC and MacKadeka LLC to David Ferrara.


Reuel R. May and Lea A. May to Joel V. Durso and Abigail G. Razo.

Joel V. Durso, Abigale G. Razo and Abigail G. Razo to Reuel R. May and Lea A. May.

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