Letter to the editor: Josiah Wilson

Justin Thompson will be there for us, let’s be there for him Nov. 6

Sat, 10/20/2018 - 4:30pm

When we find a person that draws us together, we should cast aside party politics, and be thankful that we’ll have an open ear in Augusta.  Justin Thompson is this man, and he’s running for our local Maine House District 92. I think we must consider ourselves fortunate that there’s someone who is willing to serve only us, and not special interests.  Someone who understands the issues that directly impact the area we live in, because they too work with them everyday, out to haul. When I heard that my friend was running, I decided I’d do what was needed to help him win.

Some remember me on the school boards after the consolidation mess of the late 2000’s.  My father sat on the first St. George Town Withdrawal Committee in the mid-1990s.  Faces that oppose Justin now, look exactly the same as they have, all of my life.  All along, they’ve discouraged an independent St. George School District, and a stand-alone K-8. 

Justin Thompson was an ally for our community from the very beginning, and I’m his. St. George created its own district in 2015, and is thriving.  We are looking forward to continued success using innovative programs, versatile development, and Expeditionary Learning. 

Again, this is because we broke away.  My hopes are that we someday build an Academy.  It’s always been my opinion that we can achieve more, and the sky is the limit here.  South Thomaston could’ve benefited if the consolidation law hadn’t handcuffed them on Guilford Butler School. There is a crystal clear choice to be made between the candidates on this issue.  Consolidation was bad for everyone from teachers, taxpayers, to children.  Justin is true blue, he has never supported it, and won’t.  He’s headed to Augusta to hold true on our State’s Education funding promises that are decades old.

I’ve worked with many parties, as a special education tutor for nearly twenty years, a board member, and a lobster fisherman, I’ve seen most everything. 

I know good leadership when I see it.  Justin is ready, willing, and able now.  I’ll be there for him each step of the way.  As will folks like future Knox County Sheriff Tim Carroll who is poised to work hand in hand with his former coworker and longtime friend.  Ret. Admiral Jan Gaudio will be close by, as well as fellow fisherman. Justin needs not look much further than right outside to find a solid bulk of constituents on the water each day. 

We’re close to the situation, and all feel much more comfortable talking with Justin Thompson, a fellow fisherman, than someone distant from the water, that doesn’t know Old Shell from New.  Lobstering makes up our economy base, and it’s people need a direct pipeline to resources.  We have a unique chance to get a true representative of the people to Augusta.  Justin Thompson will be there for us.  Let’s be there for him in November!


Josiah R. Wilson lives in Port Clyde, is a member RSU 13 Board of Directors (Fmr), and is a Tutor/Lobsterfisherman/Father