Letter to the editor

Jordan Barnett-Parker has earned his second term

Wed, 06/01/2022 - 7:00pm

We will cast our ballots to re-elect Jordan Barnett-Parker to the Lincolnville Select Board this month. 

Jordan brings positive, diligent energy to the Select Board. He connected with every school board member, successfully advocating for the return of a quarter-million-dollar surplus to the town, reducing the overall tax burden. His creative thinking has the town looking to set aside funds for future projects, reducing debt.

Jordan is approachable and responsive. It’s easy to reach him because he shares direct contact information on the town’s website. We reached out with a question, and Jordan listened and later followed up. He makes time to understand the issues. For example, Jordan brought forth the need for life and injury insurance for Lincolnville's Fire Department to cover volunteer firefighters on their way to and from a call. Jordan’s initiative yielded the best coverage for the best price. 

Jordan brings timely topics to the agenda for public discussion.  He’s championed transparency by having Select Board packets available on the town website and encouraging a remote/hybrid meeting format. 

It’s clear that Jordan cares about Lincolnville’s finances, first responders, and the entire community. Jordan Barnett-Parker has earned his second term.

Broo & Jennifer Temple live in Lincolnville