Letter to the editor: Jan Banks

Jayne Giles is a creative problem-solver, tireless worker and advocate

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 9:30pm

Advocate. Problem-solver. Jayne Crosby Giles is the Maine Senate candidate we need to represent us and seek solutions for the challenges we face in Waldo County.

Many years ago, Jayne asked me to join her for dinner.  Upon arriving, I quickly realized that she had more than dinner in mind.  Jayne asked if I had established credit in my name. With serious concern, she explained that she’d been working with women who, suddenly widowed or divorced, were struggling to establish credit for themselves as the household banking, credit and finances had been in their husband’s name.  Young and newly married, I first thought to dismiss this as a problem of middle-aged women not mine. But Jayne was already looking ahead, anticipating what might happen and proactively problem-solving to put me in the best situation I could be in.

And that is what I have observed Jayne to do, time and again, for friends and family, customers and clients, and the people she represents:  Jayne looks out for the people around her and that is exactly what she will do for us as our next Senate representative.

In the banking world, Jayne has received many recognitions for her tireless work promoting and supporting small Maine businesses and women in business.  Seeing the heart of the Maine economy lying in small businesses, she has sought ways to help Maine farms and businesses flourish. Jayne served as a member and the chair of the Financial Authority of Maine, dedicated to finding creative solutions to help grow and support Maine businesses; she also championed FAME’s administration of Maine’s higher education financial programs, encouraging Maine students to pursue education and helping them meet the cost.

During tough economic times as Maine people lost their homes and businesses to foreclosure, Jayne took action to stop this cycle. Leaving her work in banking, Jayne became an advocate for families and individuals at risk, working in the nonprofit sector to provide the support they needed to hold onto their home or  business. Jayne is an optimist who believes that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Cliche, perhaps? Yet Jayne has proven its truth.  She sought funding, credit, and financial education for families.  She helped people learn to manage their budgets, communicate needs, and work through problems. And she continues to find support for families today through early childhood education for all children and family education. She listens to and works with individuals to find solutions best for them.  Jayne believes in empowering people to be independent, to look out for themselves. AND Jayne knows how to do just that.

Jayne Giles is a creative problem-solver, tireless worker and advocate, and inspiring coach who fosters people’s potential and helps them take action to achieve their goals.  Jayne is passionate about Waldo County and its people.

On November 6, vote JAYNE for MAINE. Jayne’s listening ear, compassionate heart, and experience and know-how will help us live the best lives we can here in Waldo County!

Jan Banks lives in Belfast