Letter to the editor: David McCurdy

Jayne Crosby Giles understands needs of small businesses

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 12:30pm

I’m voting to send Jayne Crosby Giles to represent me in Augusta in the State Senate.  I’ve come to know Jayne through her volunteer work but what impresses me is Jayne’s work experience helping small business, which are the backbone of the economy in rural Maine.  They need help with access to credit and finding workers with the right skills. Jayne understands the needs of small businesses – she’s worked successfully in that arena for 30-some years (plus she’s married to a small business owner!) – and she knows how to get them the help they need.

Our economy – in Waldo County and in the state of Maine – needs the kind of expertise Jayne Crosby Giles is uniquely qualified to take to Augusta.  

Jayne wants to continue to work to help small businesses be more successful. That means making sure they have access to credit, which is an area where the state can help through special programs, and also ensuring that people in our workforce have the right education and skills to work in small businesses as well as larger companies.  I’m with Jayne.

David McCurdy lives in Lincolnville