Letter to the editor: Linda H. Lord

Impressed with Erin Herbig’s energy, commitment, intelligence and caring

Sun, 10/21/2018 - 7:15pm

Although a lifelong Republican I wholeheartedly support Erin Herbig to represent Waldo County in the State Senate. Before I retired as the director of the Maine State Library I was aware of Erin’s reputation as an effective leader in the House. After retirement I wrote to her about care for the severely disabled as I am the guardian for a relative in that situation.   Although I was not a constituent, Erin promptly responded to me, and we later met on this issue.  I was so impressed with her energy, commitment, intelligence and caring.   I have worked with many terrific legislators and have great respect for the time and work they put in for the State of Maine.  However, I know of no one who works harder for constituents than Erin.

In her six years in the house, Erin has successfully sponsored 36 pieces of legislation.  She was elected House majority leader in part on the basis of collaboration and cooperation.   As a Waldo County native she cares about the same issues I do: education, the environment, support for farmers and public health.   She is also one of very few legislators under the age of 40.

For her ability to relate to all Waldo County citizens, for her passion, and caring, I urge a vote for Erin Herbig for District 11 (Waldo County) State Senator.


Linda H. Lord lives in Brooks