Letter to the editor: Helen Shaw

How did we end up with fewer parking spaces for new Rockport Library?

Wed, 04/10/2019 - 10:15am

Congratulations to the Rockport Select Board for reducing the number of parking spaces surrounding the 1 Limerock library site to one less than what is presently available. What happened you may ask? We were promised the issue of inadequate parking would be solved with addition of 14 spaces on Limerock Street. How did we end up with fewer spaces than what are already there?

At the present time there are three parallel parking paces on Russell in front of 1 Limerock. There are seven parallel parking spaces on Limerock and there are five parallel parking spaces on Union Street. The total of parallel parking spaces presently available is 15.

With the plan voted on by the Select Board on Monday, April 8, we keep the three parallel spaces on Russell Avenue. We get seven head-in spaces on Limerock to replace the current seven parallel spaces. But we only get four parallel spaces on Union to replace the current five. The total number of parking spaces available is 14.

Yes, the spaces on Limerock will be safer for those with small children.

The three spaces on Russell Avenue will be safer by being indented into the 1 Limerock lot.

The four spaces on Union Street will be somewhat safer by being indented into the park, but they remain unsafe for those bringing children to the library and those with mobility issues who will be in danger by having to exit into traffic and make their way to the sidewalk.

The design as presented over the past 18 months with its 14 parking spaces on Limerock, included the space closest to Russell to be designated for those with mobility issues who did not have a formal handicapped designation.

Will that space be so designated in the new, reduced plan to supplement the one van accessible handicapped space immediately adjacent to the building which will also serve as the parking space for delivery trucks?

The Select Board also voted to place a granite curb along Limerock Street from the parking area to the driveway of the Mr. Anderson’s house with the apparent thought that it could easily be removed and reused whenever it was decided more parking spaces are needed.

However, because such curbing is set in concrete, it will be very expensive to remove it and it cannot be reused.

Since it will be obvious very soon that parking is not adequate and the full 14 spaces on Limerock are in fact necessary, asphalt curbing should be used as a temporary means for keeping people form parking on the grass.

Helen A. Shaw lives in Rockport