Governor Mills is good for Maine, should continue her work

Mon, 09/19/2022 - 11:30am

No one who cares for the health and welfare of Maine or the United States would vote any Republican into office, any office. This is a time for all good people to stand up for Democracy.  

Healthy Republicans have forsaken the GOP years ago when the party fell in love with the person who receives “love letters” from the dictator of North Korea.  And, says, “Putin is a genius”.  LePage brags that he was Trump before Trump.

Anyone who loves Trump should vote for LePage; they are practically twins.  LePage says, “kiss my ass” and he gets shout-outs on late night TV.  

Trump is on TV everyday and shouting worse epithets than this.  

We know this type of person is attractive to some Maine voters as they enjoy the spotlight LePage will bring back to Maine.  

Governor Mills is a good governor for Maine and she should continue her good work.

Nancy Sullivan lives in Rockland