Four Corner Variety owners providing free lunches to youth, elderly during pandemic

Sun, 03/22/2020 - 2:00pm

    UNION — As news began spreading that schools would be shutting down amid the coronavirus pandemic, Corrie Kirkpatrick knew it would be important for her and her husband, Wayne, to assist local families during the closures. 

    The Kirkpatricks own Four Corner Variety in Union and Corrie realized some families may need a little more assistance feeding their children amid the pandemic, in addition to the breakfast and lunch bags RSU 40 is currently delivering to children. 

    As a van driver for the school district, Corrie has a liking for children, Wayne said, and knowing local families will not have to worry about providing food for their children makes them feel good. 

    The Kirkpatricks struck a deal with their distributors to get some foods at cost so the store can provide free bag lunches of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on either white bread, chips, two Welch’s fruit snacks and either fruit punch or apple juice to area youth. (An alternative sandwich option is available to those with peanut allergies.) 

    The response was overwhelmingly positive with a Facebook post announcing the plan being shared around 800 times and garnering around 29,000 views. 

    A few members of the community even stopped by the store to offer financial support, with one person donating $300. (While the Kirkpatricks are not actively soliciting monetary or other support, those interested in supporting either financially or otherwise can stop in or call the store at 207-785-2111). 

    After a few days of providing meals for children, with the number of participating families growing each day, the Kirkpatricks are now offering the deal to the elderly community. 

    Wayne, in an interview, noted they opted to begin including the elderly population in the offer as a way to encourage the elderly to remain secluded when possible during COVID-19. 

    The Kirkpatricks will continue offering this service to the community for the foreseeable future amid the pandemic and school closures. 

    For members of the community still looking to grab a meal at the store, the Kirkpatricks are offering curbside pickup and delivery options. Delivery will be available to those residing within a seven mile radius of the store, or at the town lines of Washington, Appleton, Hope and Warren, between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. 

    For more information, visit the store’s Facebook page.  

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