Careless disposal near propane tank draws mutual aid response

Posted:  Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 6:00pm

ROCKLAND – Local dispatchers simultaneously toned Rockland Fire and its mutual aid sources to a small fire on Cedar Street around 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 10. The 911 caller reported a fire involving a propane tank, prompting extra protocols to be established by dispatch prior to initial investigations by firefighters.

Crews from Camden and Rockport answered the call to 25 Cedar Street, along with Rockland.

A couple off-duty firefighters responded as well.

The homeowner was not home at the time, according to Chief Chris Whytock’s official report. However initial on-scene firefighter investigation found a small fire at the rear exterior of the house. Careless disposal of smoking materials set outside cedar shakes and framing to smoulder, according to the report.

That fire, though small, occured within one foot of the propane tank and three feet from the egress door.

“The crew from C-Shift pulled a 200-foot, 1 ¾ inch handline and used approximately 50 gallons of water,” Whytock wrote in the report.

At some point, responders detached and moved the propane tank away from the house.

In all, 15 firefighters answered the call, along with the following vehicles.

Camden Ladder 1 for RIT

Rockport Engine 23

Rockport Engine 22
Rockland Squad 3
Rockland Engine 1


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