Letter to the editor: Jessie Odgren

Bill Pluecker will ensure a bright future for children and communities

Sat, 10/13/2018 - 7:45pm

As a full-time public school teacher and new mother, education is a top priority for me this election season. I am grateful to have a political candidate who sees education as a fundamental investment in the future of our communities. Bill Pluecker, the independent candidate running for State Representative in Appleton, Hope, Warren, and Union, understands the values of our local schools and is willing to fight hard to ensure funding for our children's education at the state level. 

Bill sees our schools as not just  academic institutions, but also as safe havens where students receive other important resources such as daily meals and mental health services. These resources need to be funded at the state level, and not just from local property taxes, in order for our schools to flourish. 
Healthy, supported, and well-funded schools  produce well-trained workers and productive, active citizens who will be able to contribute to our state. Voting for Bill Pluecker on November 6 is ensuring a bright future for our children and our communities. 
Jessie Odgren lives in Hope