Letter to the editor: Bill Bentley

Bill Pluecker will be a ‘Yes’ vote on Medicaid expansion we voted to enact

Wed, 10/17/2018 - 7:45pm

My thoughts on health care are simple.  It takes healthy families, healthy communities, and healthy states to make a truly healthy country.  I am sure we all want that.

With 30 plus years in public education and working as a paramedic in our local towns, I have observed many sick, injured, and troubled people.  All wanted to be healthy and to feel well.   Our families, schools, churches, and communities do help.  But occasionally the healthcare system is needed.  No one should be left out.  No one left out.  

Our healthcare system can be more efficient.  We must take control of the way it is all funded.  Our medical system is an institution for healthcare not a business.  The “business model of management” is not the end all.  

We need a change in our representation. That’s why I am voting for Bill Pluecker for State Representative for Appleton, Hope, East Union, and Warren. Bill Pluecker will be a ‘Yes’ vote on the Medicaid expansion we voted to enact that we have been denied by this current administration. We can’t keep electing public officials who are going to deny those who can’t afford healthcare. 

Bill Bentley lives in Hope