Letter to the editor: Diane Schivera

Bill Pluecker will be a thoughtful member of Maine’s Legislature

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 6:00pm

Bill Pluecker will be a thoughtful member of Maine’s Legislature.  I have known Bill for many years and have witnessed the hard work he and his wife, Reba, have put in to establishing a viable organic vegetable farm and micro-dairy. Their farm has been loved and supported by it’s members for many years. They have faith in Bill and Reba’s decision making and farming ability and invest in their farm every year through their farm share program.  

My position as the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, MOFGA, livestock specialist has given me the opportunity to work with Bill and his cows through the years. Because of his farming knowledge and entrepreneurial skill at managing and growing his farm, MOFGA has asked him to teach classes on business budgeting, farm management, and micro-dairy enterprise many times in the last decade.

All of Bill’s activities are based in his values of financial stability, ecological sustainability,  and social responsibility.  Choosing to certify the farm to organic standards is an example of his concern for the health of the earth.  The fact that his farm, Hatchet Cove Farm, has existed since 2005 is a testament to his financial and agricultural decision making process.  It annually provides support for his family, apprentices, and employees. His prowess and determination to see the project through has made his farm a stable and important institution to increasing access to healthy food in our community.  

Despite farming being a demanding, time consuming occupation, Bill and his family are also deeply involved with their church, the First Universalist Church in Rockland, where he has served as the President and Treasurer of the board.

Best of all, I got my lovely cow, Rainey, from Bill.  I milk her each day and appreciate Bill’s bovine breeding efforts!

Diane Schivera lives in Appleton