Letter to the editor: Ben Blackmon

Bill Pluecker has the vision for the potential of Maine

Tue, 10/09/2018 - 2:15pm

We hear a lot of talk about the need to get young people to stay in Maine.  I am one of the lucky people who grew up in the Midcoast, went away for a while and then got to come back here to live. I have a good job and own a home and pay taxes in one of the best places in Maine. I made it work, and I want more young Mainers to be able to do the same. That is why I am voting for Bill Pluecker for my next Representative. Bill has a vision for the potential of Maine and of the Midcoast that is optimistic and community-focused. He has a plan for how to lessen the burden of property taxes, invest in education and support local businesses. As a farmer, he knows the challenges that working people face, and he will be a strong independent voice in Augusta for building a Maine that works for all Mainers – and will help keep people like me here for the long haul.

Benjamin Blackmon lives in Hope