Agenda set for RSU 20 board meeting April 26

Sun, 04/24/2022 - 10:45am

SEARSPORT — The agenda for the next Regional School Unit 20 school board meeting has been set.

The meeting will be held Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30 p.m. in the SDMHS cafetorium.

Livestreaming will be available.


1. Call to order

2. Adjustments

3. Accept agenda

4. Recognitions

5. Consideration of April 12 minutes

6. Consent Agenda (Minutes) 
a. Policy - April 11
b. Finance - April 12

7. Presentations - Eagle Scout candidate Ian Cottrell on beautifying SDHS courtyard

8. Public Participation

9. Superintendent Report

10. Committee Reports

11. Old Business

12. New Business

a. Consideration of Approval for Policies (first reading) 
Policy BCB: Board Member Conflict of Interest
Policy BCC: Nepotism
Policy BE: School Board Meetings
Policy BEB: Board member use of social media
Policy BEDA: Notification of board meetings
Policy BEDC: Quorum
Policy BEDD: Rules of order
Policy BEDFA: Abstentions
Policy BEDG: Minutes
Policy BEDH: Public comment, participation at board meetings
Policy BEDI: Board relations with media/public
Policy BGB: Policy adoption procedure
Policy BHC: Board relationships and communications with staff
Policy BIC: Board member Freedom of Access training
Policy KDA: Public information program
Policy KDD: Media releases

b. Board meeting laptops discussion

13. Date, time, location for next meeting 

14. Adjournment