A letter of appreciation from MaryAnn and Manuel Mercier

After 30 years, MaryAnn and Manuel Mercier hand over stewardship of Youngtown Inn to new owners

Tue, 09/07/2021 - 11:00am

LINCOLNVILLE — To our beloved customers and community,

We came to this special area of Midcoast Maine, 30 years ago with a dream and a baby.

We have seen that baby (Matthew), and his two younger brothers ( Maxwell and Morgan) grow into accomplished young men, whose lives and dreams are taking them on their own way.

We saw our dreams come to fruition; We have been so honored to have been the backdrop for so many of your special occasions as well as many cozy fireside dinners with beloved family and friends.

After 30 wonderful years as proprietors of The Youngtown Inn, we are overjoyed to announce our retirement!

We want to thank the local community for supporting us over the years. It has been incredible to raise our family in this beautiful place. While we won’t geographically be “here”, our hearts always will.

We are happy to pass on the stewardship of this beautiful property, The Youngtown Inn, to the Nowak family. We know they will be as happy raising their three children here, joining the loving community we are so proud to be a part of.

"Michael and Karrie moved to Lincolnville from Cleveland, Ohio, where they owned and operated The Black Pig restaurant for nine years.

The Black Pig was regularly considered a top upscale restaurant in the area. Michael was born and raised in Cleveland and is a graduate of The New England Culinary Institute. Karrie was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire. Michael and Karrie have three children, Payson, Oliver, and Colette. They are looking forward to joining the great Midcoast dining scene when they open a new restaurant in The Youngtown Inn next spring.