“Shark Trackers” To Speak At West Bay Rotary

Tue, 04/05/2022 - 9:45am

In 2020 Maine Department of Marine Resources initiated efforts to monitor the presence of great white sharks in southern Maine waters. With the placement of acoustic monitoring devices (or “receivers”), which record signals from acoustic transmitters (or “tags”) attached to sharks, the DMR and its collaborators have since been monitoring trends in coastal shark activity.

After the preliminary array was deployed, the DMR was able to increase the geographic area of the survey as well as the number of receivers from 11 receivers in 2020 to 32 in 2021. DMR scientists Matthew Davis and Blaise Jenner have been responsible for designing and implementing this high-priority research project, as well as supporting new and ongoing great white shark monitoring programs.

Their findings to date? Is it safe to go into the water? Well... you can find out by joining the weekly West Bay Rotary meeting, starting promptly at 7:30 either via ZOOM or in person on April 14 at the Camden Congregational Church. For more information and the ZOOM link, contact: SandyCox@TheNewEnglandRECO.com. 

About West Bay Rotary

West Bay Rotary is celebrating its 37th year of manifesting its mission of “service above self” here in the Midcoast. The club undertakes dozens of community projects as well as fundraising (and “fun-raising”) events, including its annual “Duck Derby,” Chili Challenge, Toboggan Nationals parking, and more. The door for prospective members is always open. The club meets on Thursday mornings from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., currently both in-person and via Zoom. For more information, go to: WestBayRotaryOfMaine.org.