Intro to Zero waste Online Course

Sat, 12/29/2018 - 7:15am
- Private group -

My friends out west in Seattle are hosting a Intro to Zero Waste online course.  EcoCollective is a women owned company centered around low impact living.  The term often used to describe this is Zero Waste but honestly how many of us can truthfully be Zero Waste?  However, we all can make simple but significant steps in reducing the amount of trash we produce and often we just have to make some tweaks.  Eco Collective carries many of Dulse & Rugosa products including our seaweed shampoo bars.

An online course is the perfect introduction or inspiration for your 2019 Zero Waste journey.  It’s all about the steps and the first step is to enroll in the course.  This course is open to all levels, and will teach the basics of zero waste living. The seven lessons will include simplicity, home, travel, community and more.  You do need to subscribe to get the link for the course- which is hosted on FaceBook.  Sometimes folks are reluctant to sign up via emails but honestly for small businesses it’s a great and low waste way to reach customers who are interested in their products and philosophy.  I believe we need to support small and indie businesses and help them grow and flourish if we want to see positive changes in our environment.

Here’s the link to sign up-