A Community of Student Writers

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 5:00pm

28 students. 12 hours of intensive creative writing instruction. Seven readers. One great community event brought to you by The Telling Room.

28 Oceanside Middle School students wrote personal narratives with The Telling Room this past spring. The students wrote mini memoirs in the theme “What if it’s true?” and published one true story from each of their lives after 12, one-hour sessions of intensive creative writing instruction. The students presented excerpts from their stories at Watt’s Hall on June 7th in Thomaston, ME with parents and community members in attendance.

The students’ stories covered many topics, from walking through the woods, the scents and sounds of the Maine coastline, what it's like to huddle during a lockdown, the lingering sadness that remains at the loss a pet, to the view from atop mountains. The stories were published in a Chapbook, which was distributed to the students, their families, and the local library.

For more information about The Telling Room:  http://www.tellingroom.org/?fbclid=IwAR1uNjwiLYYjlxBSG17juK88-iMTh0RdDE8_lrOP3PhxMNqDdCo_8xrvbgE