Baby Girl - a success story!

Posted:  Monday, October 9, 2017 - 4:30pm

Baby Girl is a 10 year old golden retriever mix, who was adopted by one of our staff members, Emily Creamer .

When she came to us she was very ill. After her examination it was determined that she had a splenic tumor that was causing her internal bleeding. In addition to the mass in her abdomen, she also had severe hypothryoidism and significant allergies that left her with complete hair loss to her hind end and tail with large weeping areas on her skin.

Dr. Contakos' dog, Lincoln, donated blood to Baby Girl to ensure that she would pull through a surgery to remove her spleen. The procedure went very well and the mass on her spleen was benign. She was taken to her owners home for the remainder of her recuperation. She is being given thyroid medication twice daily, and is being treated monthly for allergy control. She has been living a happy life with Emily for almost a year now! She is a picture of perfect health!