The Collective's End Of The World Bash

Posted:  Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 11:15am


On Nov. 3, the Farnsworth Art Museum's young artists' committee, known as The Collective, surpassed all expectations with an unbelievable second annual bash to celebrate the "End Of The World." It was Off. The. Hook. They spent a month-and-a-half converting the warehouse space in the Oddfellows building above Over The Rainbow Yarn Shop into a labyrinth of eerie art installations and disturbing imagery (such as underlit wheelchairs and glow-in the-dark sodium chloride bags). Combine that with food donated by Shepherd's Pie, Fromviandoux and others (including a tortuous marshmallow roasting station), speciality cocktails called "Evacuation" and "Rejoice" served up by 40 Paper Satellite's crew, an impromptu dance session by Rock Coast Rollers derby "Jeerleaders," slammin' electronica by Portland's Mr. Dereloid and DJ Mike Said and original End Of The World costumes — it makes you wish every day was Halloween in the Midcoast. Well done, people. Well done.

Note: in regard to the individual artists: The Collective told us "The works are largely collaborative and are an extension of the group. That way when people inquire about the works, we as a group can say "we all worked together on the pieces/party."