Best Yearbook Comment EVER! Gallery

Posted:  Tuesday, July 17, 2012 - 12:30pm


Time to rip open that moldy moving box in your meemaw's attic and find your old yearbook, because The Penbay Pilot is running a "Best Yearbook Comment EVER!" gallery. In this pic, for example, so you get the context, "Dan" is actually commenting on his own photo in a friend's yearbook. He is kidding.


1. The comment has to be genuine; i.e. not added in later.

2. No profanity or deliberately mean comments.

3. Tell us why you think the comment is funny for context.

4. We will need the permission of the person in the actual photograph in writing (email or letter).

Photos that make it in will be at the editor's discretion.

So come on, find your own photo with a comment or one in your yearbook on someone else that makes you laugh and send it to us!