Posted:  Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 6:15am

What:  The Third Annual Dog-Related Haiku Challenge

When: The Entire Stubby Month of February

Where: Everywhere across the face of the globe and several space stations orbiting earth, any aliens in the solar system and the world-wide-web.

Why: Why Not?

You remember what Haiku is, right? It's that Japanese style of poem writing you were forced to learn in middle school for some unknown and protested reason.

The first stanza of the poem has 5 syllables, the second stanza has 7, and the third and last stanza has 5. No more1. No less.

Your mission is simple: Write at least one, but preferably multiple haiku about your dog without swearing or using insulting language. Maybe that's not so simple for a lot of you.

We'll be giving out a $25 Gift Certificate to the winner. You have our word that all conforming entries will be judged by a highly trained Haiku professional. There's no limit to the number of poems you can submit, so go nuts. Call the neighbors. Get the kids involved. Alert NORAD.

They must be legitimate haiku and they must be family-friendly!
Submissions that don't conform will be deleted with malice.

Send all submissions to fatmax@twosaltydogs.net with the subject line "Haiku for You." I'll post all of them as quickly as I can on this LINK. Good Luck!

And for bonus points, what is he Japanese character shown in the photo?