brooks, frankfort (part), Jackson, Knox, Monroe, Swanville, Thorndike, Unity, Waldo

Benjamin Hymes wins three-way race for House District 38

Wed, 11/09/2022 - 11:00am

    Voters in nine Waldo County towns had a trio of candidates to ponder as they cast their ballot for their new state representative. 

    Appearing on the ballot as a candidate in House District 38, for the open seat, were Robyn Stanicki, a Democrat from Unity; Benjamin Hymes, a Republican from Waldo; and Heather Elizabeth “Betsy” Garrold, a Green Independent from Knox. 

    District 38 serves the municipalities of Brooks, Jackson, Knox, Monroe, Swanville, Thorndike, Unity, and Waldo; and the part of the municipality of Frankfort generally west of a line described as follows: Beginning at the point where Loggin Road begins at the border of Winterport, then southeast along the centerline of Loggin Road until it intersects with North Searsport Road, then southwest along the centerline of North Searsport Road until it intersects with the Central Maine Power Transmission Line Corridor, then southeast along the Transmission Line until it intersects with the Frankfort-Prospect boundary.