For June town meeting

Camden citizens to initiate petition drive for Montgomery Dam warrant article

Fri, 10/22/2021 - 11:15am
    CAMDEN — In an Oct. 22 news release, the Save the Dam Falls citizens’ group said it will begin collecting signatures Nov. 2 at the polling station in Camden on a petition for the inclusion of an article on the next town meeting warrant.
    The petition reads, "Shall the Town of Camden protect, preserve, maintain, and repair the existing Montgomery Dam near Harbor Park in Camden?” 
    The purpose of the article, “is to prevent the destruction or removal of the Montgomery Dam and to preserve the Montgomery Dam, waterfall, and mill pond,” the group said.
    “It will be a long process, but finally the process has started,” said ,” said Meg Quijano, a founding member of the Save the Dam Falls Committee, in the release. “Finally the people of Camden will get a chance to be heard.”
    “This petition will offer an opportunity and a very clear choice to voters,” said Tom Rothwell, in the release. “The petition lets the townspeople express their support for preserving one of the treasures that Camden has to offer. We should be preserving, not destroying, our treasures.”
    “Fortunately, saving the dam does not prevent flood mitigation or fish passage,” said Ken Gross. It’s not perfect but it’s as close to a win-win as we can get.”