Tue, 03/23/2021 - 7:45am

It's not all T-Shirts and Marrow Bones in Boothbay Harbor in the winter. The rest of the time I spend either shoveling snow or adding more stuff to the website. Oh God look at how long that photo is! Why did I do that? I've got to stop vacillating between Over-Achiever and Slack King. Pick one, Donny Boy. PICK ONE, man. Pick one and only one and stick with it.

I feel like I'm on a first date- I'm awkwardly trying to think of something interesting to talk about that will gain me access to your semi-naked bod... errmm... mind.

So what did you get for a grade in penmanship in 6th grade? I failed it because I refused to learn cursive writing. They didn't keep me back a grade because of it. I'm pretty sure they thought it was hilariously funny that I didn't even try and made a mockery of Penmanship Class. I wrote perfectly fine- when it wasn't cursive. Cursive writing is just fast block letter writing with pretentious curly-cues. Also- the capital "A" in cursive looks stupid. It looks like the fat, potbellied uncle of a small, fat, potbellied cursive "A." Click on the link above and tell me I'm wrong.

And doesn't a large "Q" in cursive look terribly like a normal Two? Think about if NASA had to do the Apollo program in cursive and the English Measurement system. I'm sure there would have been dozens of rockets crash-landing in places like The Mall of America and Disneyland. Not that I'm complaining.

So what do you think? I had a wonderful time this evening except for the feces-throwing baboons. You want to try this thing again? I promise on our next date I won't wear acid-washed jeans and drink three Volcano Bowls for Two by myself. You sure are purty.

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