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Meet Northport’s up-and-coming fashion mogul: ‘The Golf Boy’

Mon, 12/21/2020 - 7:00pm

NORTHPORT — The next time your child or grandchild asks you for sports apparel, it might not be of their favorite sports team. Rather, the apparel might be coming from the online clothing store,, launched by 11-year-old Jason Thurston, Jr., of Northport. 

Thurston put his newfound entrepreneurial skills to work when browsing options for golf clothing and realized the options were not very fun, or diverse, for children and adults. 

An avid golfer with his own golf simulator, Thurston was in the process of talking to his parents about starting his own YouTube channel about golf and thought about launching a line of T-shirts to pair with his channel. 

His parents, Jason and Hana, encouraged him to launch his apparel line before the YouTube channel, and so the youngster set out to create appealing, and fun, concepts. 

“I thought about golf clothing that I've always wanted,” he said. “I also decided to put some funny sayings on them. Golf is a very proper sport, and it doesn't seem to have a lot of fun clothing on or off the course.”

Shortly after he planned out the golf concepts, Thurston opted to add other sports — skating, soccer, basketball and baseball — to his inventory to appeal to all sports enthusiasts, while admitting he enjoys all sports. 

Creating his own concepts is the best aspect of being an entrepreneur, Thurston noted, and he is continuously adding new designs to his online store and encourages new and returning shoppers to check his site often to score the latest apparel. 

Each design is drawn out either on paper or his iPad, before being scanned into the computer and then adjusted to fit onto the apparel. 

Thurston’s online store has a little bit of everything including t-shirts, beanies, onesies, hoodies, hats, mugs, backpacks and even art. 

Thurston’s favorite design, as of now, his Fore! concept and a design touting the word golf with the letter o replaced with an image of a daisy.