Waldo County, deed transfers

Sat, 01/04/2020 - 3:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Dec. 9-20. 


    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Tr. to Hayle R. Davidson and Deborah V. Falls. 

    Whitecap Builders Inc. to Orf Inc. 

    Broadreach Family & Community Services Est. to Auction House LLC. 


    Robert E. Ayer to Robert E. Ayer and Holly E. Brown. 

    Alston and Eugene Wildes to Carey Davis. 

    Galen Whited to Leland Marshall. 


    Jane E. Tardiff to Thomas N. Dubois. 


    Kenneth R. Rector to Griffin Bartlett. 

    Renee M. Begin and Renee M. Pansini to Joanna Fraser. 


    Albert W. and Scott L. Rolerson to Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland.


    Linda G. Bissell to Ben G. Hodgson. 

    George M. Cagliuso to Cagliuso Family Revocable Trust. 


    Vernon L. Thompson Jr. Est. to Keith and Kathleen Hnatow. 

    Carl and Brenda Moody to Carl L. and Brenda W. Moody. 

    Carl and Brenda Moody to Carl L. and Brenda W. Moody. 

    Judith P. Chadwick to William G. Cleaves Jr. 


    Michael Tremblay Jr. to Mercedes L. Tremblay. 

    Gerald and Marybeth M. Caruso to Frederick J. Walker Trust and Ann E. Jillson Walker Trust. 

    Sheila Hart McFarland to Sheila & Paul McFarland Irrevocable Trust. 

    Paul O. McFarland Jr. to Sheila & Paul McFarland Irrevocable Trust. 

    Nancy E. Ryan to Nancy E. Ryan and Margaret M. Chesk.

    Peter J. Rollins to Peter J. and Amy M. Rollins. 

    Peter J. and Amy M. Rollins to Erin E. Rollins and Logan B. Leach. 

    Ralph E. Nelson Jr. to James A. and Sarah E. Nelson. 

    Glenna R. Drinkwater to Walter Drinkwater Family Camp LLC. 


    Sandra Stevenson, Linda Clark, Karen Goldsmith, Doris M. Grass Est., and Willia L. Grass Est. to Victoria E. York. 

    Victoria E. York to Tammy L. Thomas. 


    Peter and Jessica Natale to Robert S. Mercier. 

    Town of Montville to Brandon Bouchard. 

    Town of Montville to Donna Bailey. 


    Paul J. Thibodeau to Sarah E. Vail and Sarah V. Thibodeau. 

    Sarah E. Vail and Sarah V. Thibodeau to Corinne N. Grant and William D. Kelly. 

    John A. Wright to Thomas Dupont and Donna Christiansen. 


    Patricia J. Miller to David Davison, Pegi and Peggy Miller. 

    SGM Holdings LLC to Mark W. Clarke and Yvette A. Wirta Clarke. 

    Peter C. Doran to Doran Family Trust. 

    Terence and Anne Bleakley to John K. Bailey Jr., Katherine V., John S. and Sally S. Surgen. 

    Barbara Nathanson to Barbara Nathanson Irrevocable Trust. 

    Jean M. and Robert E. Cole to Hinckley Cove Properties LLC. 

    Alan Tetervin to Bruce F. Damon & A. Sharon Huking Living Trust. 


    Dennis R. and Miriam Keller to S.D. Childs & Sons Excavation Inc. and Scott A. Childs. 

    Jesse T. and Meg E. Brann to Jonathan R. Allain and Judith W. Poitras. 


    Town of Searsmont to James Cox. 

    Dawn M. Richardson and Dawn M. Scott to Tommy and Megan Moitoso. 


    Dana and Dorothea S. Moody to Paul M. Bisceglia. 

    Kenneth F. Buttle Revocable Trust to Kenneth F. Buttle. 

    Kenneth F. Buttle to Kenneth F. Buttle Revocable Trust. 

    Kathleen M. Stokes and Kathleen A. Daugherty to Alfred C. and Kathleen M. Stokes. 

    Stockton Springs

    Thea Shute Est. to Manuel E. and Nicole A. Ceballos. 

    Gorman W. White Jr. and Sun Hui White to Christopher W. and Terri Bruce. 

    Richard E. and Diane L. Tinsman to Gregory L. and Susan C. Kaufman. 

    Francesca A. Doonan and David L. Mussey to 195 Cape Jellison Road and One Hundred Ninety Five Cape Jellison Road. 


    Melonie K. Brown Living Trust to Melonie K. Brown Living Trust. 

    David L. Clukey to Tammy J. Smith and Brian K. Buzza. 


    Robert Nelson to Town of Thorndike. 

    Jeffrey Philbrook to Douglas Raven II. 

    Tisha R. Clark and Derek T. Davis to Davis Dirt Works LLC. 

    Tisha R. Clark and Derek T. Davis to Ben T. Granade Jr. and Mary J. Granade. 

    Tisha R. Clark and Derek T. Davis to Joshua Ard and Nicole Pomeroy. 

    Everett W. Mason to Robert Ladd. 


    Lance Stewart and Dani J. Dayton to Carolyn E. Haskell. 


    Martha A. Perkins to Starr Marie Davidson. 

    Susan Hunter to Lee and Susan Hunter. 


    John P. Melo to Nicholas F. and Susan M. Faulkingham. 


    Sandra J. PLace to Timothy J., Amy-Sue H.L., and Jeremy M. Marden. 

    Cara Pelletier to Maland J. Worster. 

    William C. Beaumont and Julie L. Stiles to Anthony J. and Kristin K. Weed. 

    Robert J. Lorom to John G. Darosa. 

    Janet B. Froding to Laurie A. and Toney W. Hall. 

    Tracey J. and Eric R. Albert to Douglas J. and Barbara A. Pomelow. 

    Helen S. Caldwell to Deborah A. and Joseph W. Tyler. 

    Gloria C. Harriman Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Diane J. Philbrick. 

    Diane H. Philbrick to Diane H. Philbrick Living Trust. 

    Erlene Morgan to Wendell Harriman II and Michelle Harriman. 

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