Waldo County, deed transfers

Wed, 12/18/2019 - 2:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 28 - Dec. 8. 


    Guy A. and Vicki E. Hamlin, and Vicki E. Hosford to William T. Hafford and Eileen L. McCue.


    William S. and Gale S. Kelly to Daniel J. and Deborah Q. Reinke.

    Andrew L. and Sabina Soloway to Albert B. Sturrup III and Kim L. Shelley. 


    Robert J. Blatz Living Trust to Nancy L. Blatz Living Trust.


    Jay N. and Stacey Avila, and Stacey D. James to Comerford Family Trust. 


    Jonathan K. Shaw to Gerald L. and Helen A. Kuntz. 


    Kenneth J. Burton and Joseph A. Burton to Brad Allmon Cullivan. 


    Elizabeth A. Darby and Laura C. Darby II to Truman Corporation and Turn Key Homes of Maine. 


    Christine K. Hatch to Ryan and Mary Bagley. 


    Arron E. and Russell L. Hughes to Adam J. Gould. 

    Gary Clifford Garvey Revocable Trust and Virginia Stamm Garvey Revocable Trust to Christopher and Katherine Gallagher. 

    Barbara A. Plummer, Barbara A. Plummer 2006 Trust, and Galen R. Plummer 2006 Trust to Lisa H. Webster and Daniel T. Webster IV. 


    Carroll Glidden Est. to Kaleb Glidden. 

    Harold E. and Brenda S. Siefken to Harold E. Siefken Living Trust. 

    Thomas E. and Tamilyn T. Slowey to Ralph and Elaine Johnston. 

    Slowey Family Revocable Trust to Ralph and Elaine Johnston. 


    Carroll Glidden Est. to James Glidden. 


    Matthew B. Burnham and Stephanie R. Wadsworth to Amy Jo Frieberg. 

    Freedom Mortgage Corporation and Amy H. Nickerson to Freedom Mortgage Association. 

    Stockton Springs

    William Emerson Wiley Living Trust to William E. Wiley Living Trust. 

    Ellen R. and John Walter to James E. and Jessica M. Henderson. 


    Emily Nickerson and Emily Ireland to John and Nicole Pooler.

    Clement Nickerson to Jennifer and Shawn Macleod. 

    Candace E. Solano, Deborah Keys, Bruce Card, and Carolyn N. Card HRS to Jennifer and Shawn Macleod. 


    Diana and Wendell Corey to Diana and Wendell Corey. 


    Madeline D. Stevenson Living Trust to Jane S. and Raymond H. Drake. 


    Rebecca Curtis to Stephen B. Ellis and Victoria Olson. 


    Colby Clendenning to Kim M. Salls.

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