Waldo County, deed transfers

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 4:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds June 24 - July. 5. 


    William S. Coleman and Terry Ann Halbert to Hinckley Cove Properties LLC. 

    Betty Sprague to Tia M. Fournier. 

    Lloyd J. and Jenny P. Marlow to Heather L. Marlow. 

    Judith M. Zocchi to Judith M. Zocchi and Cynthia Rusis. 

    Robert H. and Claudette Leeman to Janice M. and Herbert Juettner. 

    Cary K. and Harriet L. Bradford to Richard S. Wilkins and Ruth E. Shaw. 

    Marcia E. Ladd-Spears, Daniel J. and Samuel G. Ladd, and Annette Williams to Marcia E. Ladd-Spears. 

    Marcia E. Ladd-Spears, Daniel J. and Samuel G. Ladd, and Annette Williams to Daniel J. and Maureen G. Ladd. 

    Marcia E. Ladd-Spears, Daniel J. and Samuel G. Ladd, and Annette Williams to Samuel G. Ladd. 

    Marcia E. Ladd-Spears, Daniel J. and Samuel G. Ladd, and Annette Williams to Annette Williams. 

    Marcia E. Ladd-Spears, Daniel J. and Samuel G. Ladd, and Annette Williams to Marcia Ladd-Spears. 

    Daniel J. Ladd to Daniel J. and Maureen G. Ladd. 

    David E. Keene to David E. and Dana L. Keene. 

    Nancy L.  and John D. Sullivan to D. Brooks McKinney and Patricia Blakeslee. 

    Roger Moreau to Rebecka Ripley and Zane Cole II. 

    Helen K. Zegel to Kenneth Colby Horne. 

    Jeffrey Kusama Hinte to David Wharfe and Heidi Reader. 

    Raymond S. and Leah D. Greenburg to Raymond & Leah Greenburg Trust. 

    Raymond S. and Leah D. Greenburg to Raymond & Leah Greenburg Trust.

    George J. Wallace Revocable Trust to Gianne P. Conrad Revocable Trust. 

    On Tap Properties LLC to Carli R. Goulart. 

    Norma C. Littlefield Est. to Jesse Bruce Matthew Mitchell. 

    Gerald W. Perkins Est. to Gerry L. Brady Living Trust. 

    Damein James to Jessica Dinsmore. 


    Melvin J. Box Jr. to Sharn, Jason J. and Marc L. Box, Renee Box Colucci, and Chrystina Box Reichelt. 


    Arthur A. Butler Jr. and Catherine M. Butler to Cynthia J. and Richard M. Coble. 


    Cooper Irrevocable Trust to Lee W. Richards IV and Tiffany A. Richards. 

    Charles T. Caveny to Donald S. and Roberta J. Bubar. 

    Charles T. Caveny to Thomas C. Bubar. 

    Nicholas M. Skoby Sr. Est to John H. Hallock. 


    Camille A. Sirois to Anu King Dudley and Noah Dudley Dillard. 

    Cindy Tonita Perez to Cindy Tonita Perez and Margaret Elizabeth Powell. 

    Cindy T. Perez to Cindy T. Perez and Margaret E. Powell. 


    John R. Lacey Est. to John R. and Lindsey M. Louchheim.

    Island Institute to Sonya M. Pelletier. 


    Kenneth L., Kenneth and Melissa A. Chase, CWABS Inc., and Bank of New York Mellon Tr. to Bank of New York Mellon Tru. and CWABS Inc. 

    Leverna B. Hannon to Edward Bell and Heidi Lambert Bell. 

    Jay and Christine Legore to Midcoast Conservancy. 


    Gerald A. and Janie Bernier to Nathaniel J. Bernier. 

    Maria Benoit to Matthew B. and Jennifer L. Woods. 

    John C. Magri Jr. and Patricia A. Magri to Sunny Rae Bolduc and Christopher Joseph Bolduc. 

    James M. Rutland to Colleen Boyle. 

    Leslie D. Ames to Leslie D., Michael R., and Pamela J. Ames. 

    Tanglewood Timber Company LLC to Samuel Madore. 

    Guy Thompson and Guy Robert Thompson to Kory Whitfield. 


    Jay and Eloise Elwell to Footloose Farm Realty Trust. 

    Lyn A. Petty and Elizabeth G. Melville HR to William and Nancy A. Couto. 

    William and Nancy A. Couto to Joseph J. Choma. 

    Stephen M. Machado, John K. Forte, and Warren S. Browne to Lore Burns. 

    Susan A. Deveney and Sean Davis to Katie M. Littlefield and Bruce H. Ibscher. 

    Town of Monroe to William and Laurie Ryan. 

    Town of Monroe to Ada Stein. 

    Jane F., Thomas J., Jane and Thomas MacConnell to Theresa L. Fischer. 

    Alfio C. Taddeo to Tracey Taddeo and Keith Scarborough. 


    Jennifer and Michael McFarland to Thomas O. and Carol M. McFarland. 

    Caroline Waldman to Eric J. and Maryann K. Ekberg. 

    Albert B. Sturrup and Kim L. Shelley to Thomas N. and Anne K. Eaton. 

    Albert B. Sturrup III and Kim L. Shelley to Nancy Kane O’Neil. 

    Stuart G. Smith to M.A.D. Northport LLC. 

    Philip H. Matthew Jr. and Jacqueline P. Matthews to Wayne D. Sinclair. 

    Ruby A. and Ruby S. Bennett to Martha B. Daniels. 


    Van E. Hertel to Wilds Christian Association Inc. 

    Thomas J. Barry to Lila A. Giguere. 

    Christina M. and Robin R. Leveillee to Donald A. and Mary J. Krech. 

    Altie Corporation to Gina and Christopher Foley. 

    Edward R. Rancourt to Edward R. and Marshall R. Rancourt. 


    Jeremy A. and Michelle L. Wadsworth to Neal A. and Maria A. Jacobs. 

    Christina L. Fetzer to Feltzer Family Trust. 

    Leslie A. Teed and Diane M. Boehmer to George W. and Sarah B. Martin. 

    Olive O. Nicolas to Olive O. Nicolas and Thomas Luckman. 

    Dale and Becky Twombly to Dale Edward Twombly Living Trust and Becky Terry Twombly Living Trust. 


    Ronald L. and Barbara E. Ouellette, and Barbara E. Pecorino to Timothy Brennan and Cynthia L. Beam. 

    Stockton Springs

    Kathleen Kann to Kathleen F. Kann Living Trust. 

    Linda Gillespie Trumbull to Coastal Mountains Land Trust. 

    Judith S. Littlefield to Kasha Philbrook. 

    Roger H. and Carol L. Greene to Lawrence E. Dehrer and Brandy C. Goss-Dehrer. 

    Nancy M. Greenlaw to Harry and Cynthia Mentas.

    Thomas B. Greenlaw to Harry and Cynthia Mentas. 

    Marcia P. Teichner Revocable Trust to Stephanie Larouche. 

    Herbert M. Merrithew Testamentary Trust to William Grant. 

    Ervin G. and Margaret T. Fitzgerald to Richard and Melanie Debowsky. 


    Mona E. Harris to Michael Dakin. 

    Raymond W. and Catherine J. Hall to Gerard and Connie Allaire. 

    Urquhart Living Trust to Steven F. Urquhart. 

    HSBC Bank USA National Association TR and Deutsche Alt-A Securities Inc. to Robert Leighton. 


    Matthew A. Converse to Todd A. Converse and Hui Wang Converse. 


    John H. Welles to Darina Hurley. 

    Frances C. Neal Est. to Samuel W. Neal. 

    Frances C. Neal Est. to Robert C. Neal. 

    Frances C. Neal Est. to  Shane E. Neal. 


    Jeffrey D. Fowler to Derek Davis and Tisha Clark. 

    Jeffrey D. Fowler to Lee Wescott. 

    Paul L. Smith Family Trust to Frederick C. and Stacy M. Brown. 

    U.S. Bank NA TR, Alan B. and Alan Coolidge to U.S. Bank National Association TR. 

    Stephen McLean Jr. to Catherine Burke and Elizabeth Kelley. 

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