Lincolnville’s newest ice cream shop and old fashioned candy store

Ice cream cones with a sprinkling of unmarred ocean views

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 12:30pm

    LINCOLNVILLE—Set in the annex of the Lincolnville Beach’s Lobster Pound is a cool treat for the last days of summer: ice cream with unspoiled ocean views.

    Even when the restaurant is closed, the ice cream shop is open seven days a week from 12 to 9 p.m., the only establishment to stay open that late in Lincolnville Beach.

    Mariah Lapham, 23, of Belfast, is the sole ice cream scooper, and on any given day she gives her right shoulder and hand a workout scooping nearly 50-100 cones and cups. The ice cream shop also offers its own waffle cones, which Lapham also makes by hand — up to 40 a day.

    “At the end of the day, I’m kinda tired,” she admitted.

    The bright, primary colors of the shop also lend a summery, beach theme to the other side of the store, which hosts shelves of old-fashioned candy. Blue and green sand buckets hold Bit O’ Honeys, Pixie Sticks, jelly beans, Chuckles jelly candy and more.

    “People say the buckets of 10-cent candy remind them of their childhood,” said Lapham. “One of our biggest sellers are the salt water taffy by the piece.”

    Some of the candy is even locally made, such as the one-pound red-flavored chocolate bar formed in the shape of a lobster.

    “I have so many favorite flavors of candy and ice cream in here, sometimes it is torture to have to stay away from it,” Lapham said.

    Of the dozen flavors of ice cream, Lapham said the most requested is Eagle Tracks, which consists of vanilla ice cream with Oreos pieces and peanut butter cups. The next favorite choice is the Tiger Paw, which is like an orange Creamsicle with dark chocolate chips.

    The most unusual ice cream, however has to be their Moxie flavor, which is supposed to taste like the famous Maine soda, but really tastes more like a a Chai tea mixed with licorice or anise.

    The Lincolnville Lobster Pound went up for sale in 2017 and was bought by Danny and Carla Lafayette, owners of the Bangor-based Lafayette Hotels Group.

    Carla’s vision for that annex was to open an ice cream and candy shop. They wanted to support a local high quality creamery and to be able to give big scoops so they chose Round Top ice cream out of Damariscotta.

    The public has been slow to catch on that this ice cream and candy shop is right on Lincolnville Beach, having previously associated the space with the former brewery of Andrews Brewing Co.

    The added appeal to this shop is that it is never crowded. You can sit outside in the colorful red Adirondack chairs, or take a walk around the building to the back where you can enjoy a cone watching the sailboats, lobster boats and the Islesboro ferry cross by.

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