Penobscot Bay Pilot’s new WRFR radio show hosted by Pilot writer Chris Wolf

You’re on the air with Wolffie

Wed, 03/26/2014 - 11:00am

    ROCKLAND — If you are morning person and want some lively company with your coffee, WRFR’s latest radio show hosted by Penobscot Bay Pilot’s own Chris Wolf is the station to tune into every Monday and Friday morning from 7 to 8 a.m.

    Wolffie, as many of us know him, has been a radio jockey since 1988, when he hosted morning shows in Key West, Ft. Myers and and Daytona Beach, Florida. Later, he worked as a news director for Coast 102.5. Like many freelance writers he rounded out his experiences with a variety of careers over the years and beyond being an arts and entertainment reporter for the Pilot, he recently returned to radio to host a weekly hour-long news show featuring state, local and community news from

    “We were talking about a way to promote the local news stories of the Pilot and came up with this format,” said Wolf. “If you go to WRFR, there’s an icon you can just click to stream it live through your computer. So, it doesn’t matter where you are — you can hear the show online or you can listen to it on the radio. That way you can work away or be on your morning commute and just listen to what’s going on.”

    The show has been around for about a month. His eclectic line up includes live commentary, taped interviews, informative guests, stories, market news, features, city and town public access news and music. It also includes a rundown of entertainment news pertinent to the day with features that impact the local community’s tastes.

    “The show really took off when I had guests,” he said. “We have a great time.”

    He tends to work some music in on the morning’s theme and recently interspersed an in-studio guest interview with dance music including the Watusi, the Twist, and the Curly Shuffle.

    He’s currently open to any kind of guest on the show. “Anybody,” he said. “Doesn’t matter. Eight to 80; blind, crippled and crazy. As long as they are fun, and have some good stories to tell. We want to talk with people who have something to promote, business people who have some interesting aspect of their work to share, and of course, anyone who is affiliated with Penobscot Bay Pilot. We’re just looking for unusual, out-of-the-way stories and personality. We just want to have a lot of fun.”

    Listeners can tune into Wolf’s show online and on the stations 99.3 FM in Camden and 93.3 FM in Rockland. For more information visit:

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