Three Big Kahoonas, Flying Beer Boys in the lead for 3- and 2-person sleds

Who’s in the lead? Saturday times were competitive at Camden’s Toboggan Nationals

Sat, 02/10/2018 - 3:30pm

CAMDEN - Damp, wet weather failed to slow the action on the chute Saturday morning, Feb. 10, at the start of the Toboggan Nationals in Camden. Times for the down hill run were fast and the times were close just after 8 a.m., as teams continued to register throughout the morning. Tom Dowd, who was emceeing the event from the time shed said at one point there were more out-of-state teams in this years competition then in-state teams. Many teams it seemed this year opted for plain dress rather then the wilder costumes seen in the past, but those who did dress did so in style.

The lists of finalists for 2- and 3-person sleds were released Saturday night.

In the lead for the 3-person sleds are:

Big Kahunas, 9.55 seconds

Schooner Olad, 9.56 seconds

Hocus Pocus, 9.57 seconds


In the 2-person sleds, leaders are:

Flying Beer Boys, 9.59 seconds

Free Beer, 9.59 seconds

Yahtzee, 9.61 seconds


See accompanying lists to the right for full times.