Meet PenBayPilot’s new A&E columnist, Jessabelle Lemonade

Who’s the girl behind ‘The underCURRENT’

She’ll give you the rundown, the lowdown and the upshot of all things happening in the Midcoast
Thu, 03/27/2014 - 8:00am

    Midcoast self-professed “bar fly” Jessabelle Lemonade is 24 and knows if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. She started an indie blog called The Lemonade Lowdown, which encapsulates all the Midcoast’s under-the-radar events, happy hours, musical acts and quirky happenings that don’t necessarily get press and began publishing a weekly list of them. Pretty soon, people were taking notice. Restaurants and bars were emailing her their upcoming events; musicians were contacting her personally and she was beginning to make a name for herself.

    “I kind of go around town and look at flyers, see what’s happening and talk to people,” she said. “People are getting to know me. I had someone yell across the street to me the other day ‘Hey Lemonade!’”

    She grew up in the area and has been aware of the changes that the three coastal Midcoast towns — Belfast, Camden-Rockport and Rockland — where most of her listed events occur — have undergone in the last decade or so.

    “Rockland, for example, was never so much of a ‘thing’ as it is now,” she said. “Growing up, it was to be avoided when I was a kid.”

    She said she also loves what kind of changes have come to Belfast and, although Camden-Rockport don’t have as much of the same young, indie vibe that their sister towns have fully developed in recent years, it has some cool pockets.

    “I was following the satellite parties that 40 Paper did last year, so there are definitely some good changes happening,” she said. “The Smokestack does music and now Cappy’s is an actual blip on the radar in a way it never used to be. Now they have live music. I went last week and it was really fun.”

    Jessabelle Lemonade is actually her writing pseudonym. In her day job, she works for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine. At night, she likes to write about the kind of scene that she, herself, enjoys frequenting, for example, Trivia Night at Rock Harbor Brewing Company in Rockland or the Free Range Music Festival in Belfast. She’s also on a women’s hockey team and is up for anything adventurous in the Midcoast.

    Through Penobscot Bay Pilot, she has just launched a new weekly column called The underCURRENT, which models her blog’s format of listing the kinds of music, art, events, entertainment and things-to-do that don’t necessarily get mainstream media exposure. She compiles a weekly list of the best happy hour specials, game nights, trivia nights, open mics and other in-the-know events, which reveals a surprising amount of options. For anyone who complains in the winter “there’s nothing to do around here,” The underCURRENT will be the go-to guide.

    And she’s just getting started. Asked what her column is going to look like once summer hits, she said, “It’s going to be off the charts.”

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